the Gaian Spirits species mascot!

Sardine is a bubbly, happy-go-lucky Water Gaian with a longing for adventure. He loves strawberries, and lives in a tiny leaf-and-twig hut near a quiet lake. They can be often found swimming, diving down to the bottom to collect shiny pebbles.
Sardine is always in the mood to make new friends!

Sardine was created back in 2019 as both a personal OC, and a mascot for the Gaian Spirits species as a whole. He was posted originally on DeviantArt in the same year, where the first group for the species was hosted.

Back then, the species was semi-open, and was intended to be part of an Art Role-Playing Game. Members of the group could earn "creation coins" in order to "buy" MYO ("Make-Your-Own") tickets, as well as traits, accessories, pets, and more, for their Gaian OCs. Making artwork of Gaian characters was one way to earn these coins, and thus Sardine gave those without Gaian of their own a character to draw in order to work their way up to a MYO ticket. A perfect example of one of these games would be Kingdoms of Griffia by griffsnuff.

This "ARPG" format was pretty popular for closed/semi-open original species on DeviantArt at the time, and I thought creating one myself would be fun. Turns out the rigidity that comes with running one of these games just wasn't for me, so I instead opted to toss the idea of coins and trait rarities, and open the Gaian species to everyone!

Nowadays, alongside being a dear character of mine, Sardine is simply a representation of the Gaian Spirits species as a whole. An example Gaian, and a cute face to go along with all the lore and worldbuilding.

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Drawings of Sardine from users across the web!

If you've got a Gaian character of your own, feel free to draw them with Sardine! How do they meet? What might their Soul Element look like? Don't have a Gaian character, but still want to draw him? That's totally fine as well!

If you ever make artwork of Sardine, please share it with me. I would love to see it, and will gladly add it here!

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By Turbuggy

By Turbuggy

By VickoModeZ