Changelog (Click&Drag)


  05-21-2024:  Snack log is now fully up to date, added a link to the "Unicorn Friendship Center Preservation Project" under "Adoptables" on the "For You" page

05-17-2024:  Added "snack log" page & added a link to it on the "blog" page

05-16-2024:  Completed "species creation" Gaian Spirits page (finally!)

05-14-2024:  Added a "newest entry" link on the blog landing page

05-13-2024:  Added "Wii Webring" to sidebar on about page, made a second webring area at the bottom of about page for oversized rings & moved "Transing the Internet" ring there

05-10-2024:  Completed "mascot" & created "species creation" Gaian Spirit pages

05-09-2024:  Completed "list of elements" Gaian Spirits page, adjusted the Gaian Spirits lore, created "dictionary" and "mascot" Gaian Spirits pages

05-08-2024:  Completed "trait examples", "obtain a Gaian", & "helpful links" Gaian Spirit pages, added "Spirit's Emergence" to the "holidays" Gaian Spirits page

05-07-2024:  Created layout for Gaian Spirits info pages, completed "home", "species info", "elements of life & death", & "gaian alphabet" Gaian Spirits pages, removed SCM music player

05-05-2024:  Migrated guestbook from 123Guestbook to UltraGuest

04-26-2024:  Added all art from 2017 - 2014 onto respective gallery pages

04-25-2024:  Added "Transing the Internet" webring to about page, added SCM music player with 14 songs!  

04-24-2024:  Added all art from 2024 - 2018 onto respective gallery pages

04-22-2024:  Created landing page, moved changelog to landing page, finished layout for "art by year" pages

04-20-2024:  Moved some things around on the about, blog, & gallery pages, added a spot for webrings on the about page, starting to build the gallery page

04-19-2024:  Placed all stamps onto the appropriate collections page!

04-16-2024:  Added two draggable "popups" to the homepage, one for my site button, one for other site buttons, added unique visitor counter

04-15-2024:  Fully completed the Wishlist & LPS collection pages!

04-10-2024:  Fully completed the Unicorn Friendship Center Conservation Project!!

04-07-2024:  New blog post! Also SO much work has been done in the Collections area, especially the Unicorn Friendship Center page(s)

03-30-2024:  Added a comment page for the blog, linked after every post

03-29-2024:  First blog post today! Woohoo!!!  

03-25-2024:  Completed about page!!

03-22-2024:  Changed Laszlo graphics on home & blog pages, added moon phase module & gifypet to blog page, changed location of blog directory

03-20-2024:  Completed blog layout!!

03-14-2024:  Added StatusCafe feed, changed scrollbar colors, ponies now live here, completed homepage!!

03-12-2024:  Added chatbox, added guestbook, removed socials & "about" paragraph from homepage, aesthetic changes

03-12-2024:  Changelog start


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