✦ Spirit's Emergence ✦
✦ October ✦

Spirit's Emergence, in Gaian folklore, is the one month out of the year in which all types of spiritual activity is strongest, and most prominent. Not only do the Gaian receive far more Spiritual Energy from nature, but supernatural sightings and experiences are far more common. During this time, Gaian across the globe prepare for the Spirit's Feast, which they hold on the last day of the month, in honour of the Earth and the spirits that share its surface with them.

On the 31st of October, Gaian will gather together for the Spirit's Feast‒a giant potluck that each Gaian contributes one meal or treat to. Once they have had their fill, they will don painted leaf masks and dance, sing, and tell folktales well into the night, their festivities lit by a campfire. Many Gaian enjoy decorating inside and around their living spaces using festive decor commonly consisting of painted leaves and rocks, small twig dolls, and woven grass items. Sometimes, they will even take up the act of carving small squashes and gourds, having picked up this behaviour from humans, though this practice isn't as common‒especially in more hidden Gaian colonies.

When the fire begins to die, and the festivities come to a close, the Gaian will take (deliberately) left over food from their feast, and offer it to the Spirits of the Earth. This is done by digging a small hole, filling it with their offering, covering it and marking the hole with a ring of upright twigs. They will set the tips of the twigs alight, and leave for their homes. It is said that when all of the twigs have stopped burning, the Spirits have accepted their offering. This practice is known as a Balance Offering, as it is believed to upkeep the balance between the Gaian and the Spirits of the Earth.

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