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Here, you can check out as much of my art that I could
possibly stuff onto the pages!

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Alternatively, if you're looking for something specific, I have separate pages for my FAVORITE OCs, pages for my PIXEL ART (some of which is completely FREE for you to use!), and pages relating to my WEBCOMIC!

Lastly, if you want to see ALL OF MY CHARACTERS in one place,
check out my TOYHOUSE!

I'm primarily a digital artist, but I also work with traditional mediums like paint and clay.
My style has always been what I describe as CARTOONY, originally inspired by comic strips and 90's cartoons‒the most prominent of these being GARFIELD.

Nowadays, my art commonly consists of My Little Pony, Pokémon, and anthro characters!

Please forgive the poor image quality of my old pencil sketches. Back then, my phone's main camera was broken, meaning I had to use the front-facing camera to take pictures. Unfortunately, this resulted in images that are dark and grainy. Maybe someday I'll go back and take better pictures of those old sketches, but for now, I've gotta work with what I have!

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