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Hey, thanks for checking out my site! Name's VICTOR, though I'm known more commonly as BUGGY! I'm a 20-something-year-old trans man, born and raised in Canada .

Big into art of all mediums-- traditional, digital, sculpting, painting, the works! I spend a pretty good chunk of my free time making art, and have way too many original characters to count. Since you're already here, why not take a look at my ☆GALLERY☆? That'd be real cool of you!

I also enjoy writing, playing video games, and TTRPGs. I'm an avid ☆COLLECTOR☆ (Pokémon cards, rocks/minerals, MLP, LPS), and I dig all things horror, kidcore, scenecore, and generally weird and wacky!

While I'm always finding new media to overwhelm my brain with, I've never grown tired of MLP:FiM (and MLP in general), Pokémon, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, or Invader Zim. I even met my best friend through Invader Zim RP!

I'm generally pretty open to meeting new people, so don't be afraid to give me a shout! You can find links to my socials on the left sidebar if you like my stuff.

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