All images shown here are pictures of my actual LPS pets, taken by me!

I gave them all a good scrub & cleaned them up before taking their pictures, but there still might be some (real) pet fur on them.


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LPS G1 #1
Notes This pet, bundled with LPS #2, was the first LPS I ever got!
LPS G1 #2
Notes This pet was one of my all-time favs. Whenever I played with my pets, this one was always the "mayor/leader", & I felt she deserved the collar instead of the chihuahua. Her name is Nikki!
LPS G1 #3
Notes I always kept my LPS in a little heart-shaped suitcase-bag, & over time one of them kinda bled pink onto some others. It soaked right into the plastic, & I can't remove it, even with acetone. This bunny has some on its ear.
LPS G1 #5
LPS G1 #7
LPS G1 #8
Notes I have two of these guys! I always liked to make them & LPS #7 triplets. Two brothers & one sister!
LPS G1 #25
LPS G1 #54
Notes This pet's name is Sulu! (Named after the hamster in Captain Underpants) I used to write & draw a comic about him & LPS #289, who I named Ginger, wherein they were superheroes. It was aptly called "Ginger & Sulu". Said comic was also inspired by Captain Underpants!
LPS G1 #64
Notes I feel like some people may get mad at me, but this LPS was so extremely dirty that I had to use some acentone to clean her. But, because her entire body is white, she needed some serious cleaning. In the end, if I wanted to clean up her face, I had to also remove her pink "eye makeup". Personally, I actually like this look a lot better, but I also know that changing the look of an original G1 pet might be a bit of a collector faux pas.
LPS G1 #66
Notes This little guy was one of‒if not my all time‒favorite pet. His name is Bingo, & he's best friends with LPS #184!
LPS G1 #95
Notes This pet is so cute!! I love the bunnies so much
LPS G1 #121
Notes Another of my favorites. For some reason, I always used to press down on her left ear. So much so, that the plastic eventually ripped in the back. I used some gorilla glue to fix it.
LPS G1 #122
Notes This pet was always Bingo's (LPS #66) Mom. I believe I named her Nina.
LPS G1 #151
LPS G1 #154
Notes Poor guy is missing his tail! I most likely accidentally broke it off by trying to make him "wag" it too many times.
LPS G1 #157
Notes This guy came with the "Biggest Littlest Pet Shop" playset, & that was his house!!!
LPS G1 #184
Notes Another very favorite pet. His name is Tiny, & he's Bingo's (LPS #66) best friend.
LPS G1 #195
LPS G1 #196
Notes I believe I named this pet Maxine. She was always a rebellious troublemaker!
LPS G1 #199
Notes This pet's name was Duckie, after the Land Before Time character of the same name!
LPS G1 #201
Notes I did not appreciate this pet enough when I was a kid!! (I was scared of bees) She is so cute!!
LPS G1 #202
Notes I like her little mouf!
LPS G1 #205
Notes I used to think it was so cool that LPS birds could actually hold onto perches!
LPS G1 #206
Notes This pet & LPS #205 came in a pack together. I always liked the other's design a bit better. Sorry, little guy!
LPS G1 #286
LPS G1 #289
Notes This is Ginger, the other half of the crime-fighting duo from my childhood comic, "Ginger & Sulu". His superhero partner was LPS #54!
LPS G1 #291
Notes I never was a huge fan of this pet, & still am not, if I'm being honest. No hard feelings, girl!
LPS G1 #315
Notes I really like this mold, but I'm not the biggest fan of flocked pets. His flocking is peeling, so I try to be very careful with him so that it doesn't get any worse.
LPS G1 #317
LPS G1 #335
LPS G1 #336
LPS G1 #337
Notes This pet came in the "Raceabout Ranch" set with LPS #338 & #339, & I loved the horses & their little cowboy hats so much!!
LPS G1 #338
Notes I love this horse's shiny mane!
LPS G1 #339
Notes I'm not really sure why this kitty came with a set of horses? Was she supposed to be the rider?
LPS G1 #348
Notes Another favorite! This guy is so insanely cute, & I absolutely love his color palette! I used to love playing in the water with him, so his neck is crazy rusty.
LPS G1 #358
Notes Pretty noticable paint defects on this husky's face, but otherwise in not too bad shape!
LPS G1 #359
Notes Wasn't really a big fan of this pet when I was a kid.
Push n' Play
Notes I was always kinda indifferent about the more "gimmicky" pets, like Push n' Play, & Magic Motion. I found they were more difficult to actually play with, & always looked slightly off. This guy's arms seem strangely long, & sit low on his body. Always weirded me out a bit. But his little face is cute!
Magic Motion
Notes Another pet with a motion-based gimmick. My friends & I all thought this kitty looked goofy with her tongue out!
"Paws Off"
Electronic Diary
Notes This pet was sitting on top of the "Paws Off" Electronic Diary. I had my Dad pry him off so that I could play with him. Because of this, he lacks the pink paw magnet that G1 pets usually have.
LPS G2 #465
LPS G2 #466
LPS G2 #489
Notes I loved this bird's fuzzy mohawk! I could have sworn that this pet came in a pack with LPS #619, but I couldn't find such a pack online. Weird!
LPS G2 #490
Notes This poor kitty had her ears chewed! I believe I got her in a large second-hand LPS haul, along with the partners to her set, LPS #491 & #492. Either way, she came with her ears already damaged. If I can get a duplicate, I'll probably use this one for a custom!
LPS G2 #491
Notes Another case of "pink bleed" on this pet.
LPS G2 #492
LPS G2 #530
Notes Another favorite! She's best friends with the "triplets", LPS #7 & the two LPS #8s.
LPS G2 #565
Notes ...I do not like this pet.
LPS G2 #577
Notes I love the Great Dane mold so much! I got this pet later, so she's in really good shape. She's another of Tiny's (LPS #184) friends.
LPS G2 #619
Notes My second fluffy Cockatoo!
LPS G2 #641
Notes I like this pet's fuzzy tail, but it's a pain to keep it looking nice!
LPS G2 #643
Notes Bit of an oddly-shaped mold, but I love this fishy's colors!
LPS G2 #644
LPS G2 #731
Notes I made this Spaniel a flower headband, & I wanted her to keep it
LPS G3 #1321
Notes This Hedgehog's paint is pretty rough, especially on the top of his head. He was also really hard to pose for a picture!
LPS G3 #1364
Notes This mold is normally really cute, but I'm not a fan of the eyes on this G3 version. I also prefer the more subtle branding of G1 & 2.
LPS G3 #1365
Notes Cute mold, pretty color palette. I would have loved playing with this pet if I had gotten her when I was younger! I could see all three of my geckos being friends.
LPS G3 #1367
Notes Just a dopey little Dachshund, not a care in the world!
LPS G3 #1368
LPS G3 #1570
Notes Looks like I missed some stray factory paint on this frog's upper lip when I was doing some acetone-touch-ups. I'll have to go back & fix that before I physically display all my pets!
LPS G4 #3001
Notes Although it's not visible in the image, this pet has the worst case of "pink bleed" out of my entire collection. The right side of her face is covered in pink splotches, which does make me a little sad. I really like this pet's big, bright eyes & cute smile!
LPS G4 #3155
Notes I know G4 is a bit of a controversial generation for LPS, but I adore this pet. I think she's absolutely adorable, & I love her color palette & candy theme. At the time of writing this, she is the first & only pet that I actively sought out & bought specifically. When I first bought her, I intended to use her as a mascot character for an LPSTube channel, though I never ended up doing so. Unfortunately, I believe this is "pink bleed" patient zero.
LPS G5 #3656
Notes Not a single thought behind those eyes
(Sad because I really like this mold)
LPS G5 #3744
Notes Kinda cute? But I really, really dislike the weird rubber(?) they started using for G5 pet heads. It feels almost slimy to touch. Just a bad sensory experience.
LPS G5 #3747
Notes I actually like this cow! Odd rubber(?) head aside, I like the look of the mold, & the color palette isn't too bad. She looks very kind, to me!
LPS G5 #3749
Notes I really do not like this pet.
LPS G5 #3752
Notes This little Sugar Glider is cute! I like her mold, & I like her color palette! Though I think I would have gone for a different color for her eyes, or at least a different shade of orange. She gives me a fun, sporty, Rainbow Dash kinda vibe.
LPS G7 #20
Notes I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS WOLF!! I'm OBSESSED with this wolf!! I'm so happy to see new pets being made that resemble old G1 & 2 molds, & I'm so excited that they've finally reached Newfoundland, Canada! I grabbed this new pet pack up so fast when I saw it!
LPS G7 #24
Notes A pretty fishy with kind eyes! I might do a little acetone cleanup around her lash. I hesitated because she's brand new out of the box!! It felt wrong!!
LPS G# #0000
Notes Small note about pet
LPS G# #0000
Notes Small note about pet
LPS G# #0000
Notes Small note about pet
There will (hopefully) be more to come as my collection expands!

I own a select few pets from the original Kenner Toys line! Most of them came with only some, or none of their accessories, as I got them all second-hand.

At the moment, all of my older/vintage toys are packed away, so I don't have my own pictures of these. Once I dig through some boxes, I'll get some original pictures. For now, I'll use images from the web!

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Baby Bobcat
Zoo Wilderness Pets

Notes I believe I got this pet from a thrift store, & she only came with her den.
Busy Hamsters
Ready to Go Pets

Notes Surprisingly, I have this entire set!
(Minus the tag)