Tumblr Has an Image Upload Limit


So, hey, my first blog post here! That's pretty exciting! I've thought about making my own neocities website for years now, but never got around to it. Lately, though, I've been getting kinda tired of modern social media. Deviantart becoming riddled with AI-generated garbage, Tumblr banning NSFW and subsequently suppressing LGBTQ+ content in the process, Elon Musk buying Twitter and flooding it with people who bought blue checkmarks... Feels kinda bleak all around, y'know? It seemed about time to find a place I could call my own. I make the rules here, baybee!!!

While setting this site up, I've also been learning some of the etiquette around here, which includes "no hotlinking". I had no idea about bandwidth or that hotlinking had any negative effect on it until now! However, I've also been concerned with how much space all of the images I want to post might take up if I host them directly through my neocities, so I've set up a private Tumblr blog to host my images instead. I'm not sure if that's a smart or a dumb move on my part, but it's what I've been doing. I discovered Tumblr has an image upload limit while trying to add stamps to my stamp collection page. You really do learn new things every day!

Today, I'm headed to see two of my aunts alongside my parents. We're going to spend the Easter weekend with them, and also celebrate a couple birthdays at the same time. My Aunt's is on April 1st, and mine is on the 2nd. I'll be 27 this year! Gettin' old, and yet I feel more whimsy than ever!

I'm excited for Easter chocolate and birthday cake !!! I usually try to watch what I eat, my caloric and sugar intake and all that jazz, but I like to have some treats every now and then. I even made some sugar cookies to take with me! They're just ready-to-bake Pillsbury cookies with store-bought icing, but these Pillsbury cookies are a STAPLE of any holiday. These ones don't have the cute designs on them that they usually do for Christmas and Halloween, but I'm hoping they'll still taste the same. They're shaped like Easter eggs!

Over the past few days I've taken out my entire LPS collection and given them all a good scrub, as well as removed some more stubborn marks and stray factory paint with acetone . I'm going to try and set up a sort of makeshift shadow box to put them in to take pictures for my collection page. Then, I think I'll do my MLP collection next, followed by my Webkinz. I don't have a lot of particularly old MLP toys, nor do I have any of the ones I owned as a kid anymore, but I'm hoping to expand! My LPS and Webkinz collections, however, are the same ones I had all the way back in elementary school! With a few more recent additions, of course. Maybe I could even make a catalogue of all my old Polly Pockets in the future, as well! I've got some of the more palm-sized ones with the rubber clothes, as well as some of the original locket-style playsets. I kept a lot of old things from when I was a kid, like Pixel Chix, and those old LPS "Tamagotchis". The only thing I don't have anymore is my Hotwheels collection, which definitely bums me out a bit. I LOVED those things!

Anyways, I could keep writing for a while yet about this and that, but I think I'll cut it off here for now before this post gets too long. Until next time!

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