You step carefully through the stable doors, greeted by the eager faces of the ponies inside.

Who will you choose?

Welcome to the Christmas stable!

These are special festive holiday ponies!
Please, take a look around and choose any pet you'd like!
Make sure you've read the "Before you Adopt"!

If you end up choosing more than one and would prefer a single certificate, feel free to use the one below!

I removed the URL "" from the bottom of this certificate, as the original website is now gone, and the URL leads to what seems to be either an actual cottage real estate site, or a scam.

I don't want people who aren't aware seeing this on other people's webpages and following this link to an unexpected website, or worse, somehow getting scammed. However, that does mean that this certificate has been altered from its original state.

Click here to see the original image, unaltered.

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