Before you adopt a Unicorn, please read this page fully!

The original Unicorn Friendship Center, along with every single pet, and 99% of the graphics used on this site, were made by Shirley M on Geocities. As this project is meant only to keep the UFC alive and not to profit from her work, giving proper credit to the original creator is a priority to me.

If you plan to adopt one or more of the pets on this site, it is a requirement that you link back to the original UFC. Ideally, each pony should be a clickable link back to the UFC's archived page, though just using the buttons provided below is also acceptable.

You must have some form of credit on whichever page you host your adopted pets. Either the "Unicorn Friendship Center" button (gold & white) with clickthrough link included, or clickthrough links attached to the ponies themselves.
You may also use the UFCCP button to link back here if you'd like, but that is not a requirement. I'd appreciate it, though!

Links and Buttons

Cottage Row Graphics Unicorn Friendship Center

Use this link for the first button, and this link for the second!
Please don't hotlink images!