What is the Unicorn Friendship Center? What is the Conservation Project?

Originally started back in 1997 by Shirley M, the Unicorn Friendship Center (or UFC for short) is a cyberpet adoption agency centered around unicorns, ponies, and the like. Each adoptable pixel pet was drawn and animated by hand, and are free for anyone to adopt and place on their webpages! The first two iterations of the UFC, hosted on Geocities, are now both unavailable outside of the Wayback Machine, and are littered with broken links and images. The Unicorn Friendship Center Conservation Project (this webpage you are on currently) is a fanmade recreation, made with the hope of keeping Shirley's work from becoming lost media.

If you'd like to read more about the creation of, and the intentions behind the Conservation Project, click here!

How do I adopt a Unicorn?

Adopting a Unicorn is easy! All you have to do is save the gif of the pet you want, and place it onto your website as you would any other image! Just remember not to hotlink directly from this site. The ponies are for sharing, not the bandwidth!

Which unicorns can I adopt? How many can I adopt?

You may adopt any and all pets hosted on this site! There's no limit to how many pets you can adopt, nor are there exclusive owners. You can choose any Unicorn, even if said Unicorn is already on someone else's site. It's all just for fun!

Can I change the name of my Unicorn?

Of course! Once you've chosen the pet you want, and are hosting it on your website, you can assign whatever names, titles, genders, etc, to it that you'd like! However, if you're going to change your pet's name, please don't edit the birth certificate that comes along with them. I can't confirm whether or not the original creator of these pets would have approved of such alterations, so it's best to steer clear of them altogether. Thanks for understanding!

Can I make my own Unicorn/Recolor?

In the interest of respecting the wishes of Shirley M, I have to say that alterations to the Unicorn sprites is not allowed. This means no editing, no recoloring, no frankendolling, etc. This unfortunately means that I won't be able to make new pets for you, but I hope you enjoy the vast array that are hosted here!

Do I have to link back? Who do I link back to?

Yes. If you want to adopt a pet from the UFCCP, proper credit must be given. You must link back to the original UFC, and also have the option to have an additional link back to the UFCCP, so that more people can learn of this project's existence! See the "Before You Adopt" page to learn how to properly credit the UFC & UFCCP!

Is there a button for the UFC/UFCCP?

Yes! Both the UFC and the UFCCP have their own buttons, which you can use for crediting/linking back. You can find them on the "Before You Adopt" page, or just below!

Use this link for the first button, and this link for the second!
Please don't hotlink images!